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Whew! Ten pages already? Generally speaking this is the moment of truth for most webcomics right? Every ten pages is like a decade for a webcomic (webcomic doggy years?); Most die before they have even begun ... Well not so for me. I work a part-time job, one I want to quit one of these days, and I want to draw comics and write stories full time, so for me, quitting is not an option. I gotta keep writing and keep creating until something sticks. So no. This webcomic will never die. Others may rise in its place, but this right here is the foundation for all the other worlds which will eventually branch from it. I and this "thing" I have created will never go away.

That being said. Until my next page (which will be up soon) here is a nifty present.
This is the music I listen to on youtube while writing and drawing for the comic. The playlist will update now and then so check it out sometime:

My Blue Noir Playlist

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